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Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas to a number-crunching comptroller and a payroll accountant at the largest investment firm in the South, Ryan was certain he would avoid a life in business. On this notion, he enrolled in the architecture program in the Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. After exploring design theory and methods, creating spatial experiences, using materials, color and more for years; he felt the vocation was lacking personal sustainability and viability without understanding the business of the industry. This realization brought Ryan back to Little Rock to study business management and marketing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. While architecture was his first love, business and entrepreneurship became his soulmate. Now, he practices the intersection of creativity and business every day creating branded experiences, building thoughtfully-designed companies, and enjoying the company of friends with whom to create and build. Occasionally, Ryan applies his architectural design skills to remodeling/redecorating at home with his wife, Bethany, and newborn son, Elliot.

A Little Q&A with Ryan Guinee

How did you get to Bespoke Media Group?

Before joining Bespoke Media Group, I was operating a software development company, South Ventures, at The Hive. My business partner, Luke Irvin, and I still operate out of The Hive every day. It's pretty cool having the opportunity to build products/services with great people at both companies all under one roof. It really is like one big happy family!

What's the best thing you've seen on the internet?

Tough question. I am a child of the internet. My first interactions with the internet were comprised of playing Age of Empires online, looking up song lyrics, and tweaking my Xanga profile. Fun things; not the best things. As far as the best thing I've seen on the Internet...the past decade I have seen some incredible things. More than existence, but the persistence of communities like Reddit, platforms like Bitcoin, and organizations like Wikipedia is the best thing I've seen. The proliferation of open, cross-cultural communities, zero-barriers-economics, and unlimited, free access to information (manifestations of liberty, in my opinion) on a platform that is used worldwide is amazing.

What's a little known fact about you?

During the past four years I've studied the typical curriculum a seminarian student would study. Still going strong.

What movie or tv show do you most regret watching?

Once upon a time, I was innocently browsing some movies at an inconspicuous Redbox outside Walgreens. At the time, I was looking for a movie my then-girlfriend and I could enjoy for a casual night in. I passed on the retiring blockbuster hits to find an independent film we both felt like giving a chance. The movie was World's Greatest Dad starring the late Robin Williams as Lance Clayton, a failed-writer-turned-English-teacher and, now, sonless father to a boy who committed suicide in a depressing, somehow comedic, way. The movie has an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, so I don't have a terrible choice in movies. What made me most regret watching this movie was how I completely misplaced my expectations for what the movie was and what it actually was. My instincts told me this was a drama, not a dark comedy. Ethics were questioned throughout the entire film, and all the viewer is left with at the end [SPOILER ALERT] is a slow motion one-take of Robin Williams running naked through the halls of his son's school until he finally reaches an indoor swimming pool just so he can jump from the high dive. Speechless.

What has been your most embarrassing job?

I've had some hard jobs; most of them I enjoyed. My first job was equally rewarding and the most embarrassing. I worked at Chick-fil-A inside the Park Plaza mall. The day-to-day was rewarding as a first job. The embarrassing part came when I had to dress as the cow and stroll through the mall waving at kids who cried when they saw me. At least nobody saw me inside the suit.

What do you most love about what you currently do?

Solving challenges at any scale keeps my job interesting -- whether we're choosing fonts or crafting a communication strategy, deciding a new company name or designing an interface for a product. What keeps me coming back to Bespoke to do what I do is the crazy amounts of fun we have, the quality of people with whom I work, and the vision of the leadership.

What device, gadget, or kitchen appliance could you absolutely not live without?

The MacBook Air on which I'm typing is my prized possession. Take this away and my livelihood is in question. Don't get any ideas people.

If you could only write with one color for the rest of your days, what would it be?

Pilot Iroshizuku's Winter Persimmon.