Mikko HeSenior Producer, Bespoke Health Mediamhe@bespokevid.com

After receiving a Masters Degree in Film and TV Producing, Mikko found her passion in advertising and marketing. For the past six years, she worked as an advertising broadcast producer in Los Angeles, California. During this time Mikko had the opportunity to produce broadcast commercials for Fortunate 500 companies like Walmart, McDonald’s, Verizon, Wells Fargo and State Farm. She has also worked closely with medical and government organizations such as CDC, City of Hope Hospital and Southern California Edison. In the Summer of 2016, Mikko and her husband, Richard moved from California to Arkansas. Here he started a new career as a medical doctor while Mikko began her marketing career with Bespoke Health Media.

A Little Q&A with Mikko He

How did you get to Bespoke Media Group?

After arriving in Little Rock, I spotted Rick Rogala, CEO of Bespoke Media from a crowd and decided I would like to work with him. So I held on to his shirt and say “Mister, mister, please give me a job” until he agreed. I think rolling on the floor crying really showed my determination.

What's the best thing you've seen on the internet?

What's a little known fact about you?

I am obsessed with Asian snacks and treats. So much so I started a company called Eat Your Treats that sells treats.

What movie or tv show do you most regret watching?

Years ago I watched The Break-Up and 500 Days of Summer and absolutely hated them because they were both advertised as comedy at the time. But years later after I was more experienced in life, I re-watched them and thought they are both great films. I just wasn’t emotionally equipped to appreciate the messages at the time.

What has been your most embarrassing job?

I once sold framed photographs and artwork door-to-door. It lasted 2 days.

What do you most love about what you currently do?

For years, my work and my husband’s work couldn't be more different. Since I joined Bespoke Health Media, our career paths have intertwined and we have found more things in common.

What device, gadget, or kitchen appliance could you absolutely not live without?

My high performance rice cooker. It makes perfectly moist and fluffy rice every time.

If you could only write with one color for the rest of your days, what would it be?

The color of dark chocolate. It’s sophisticated and relaxing.